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Terms of Use



1.1      No access is permitted to the Irish Legal Guide Library (the Library), other than under a Subscription Contract between the Subscriber and Legal Guide Limited (Legal Guide). 

1.2      These Terms of Use set out some of the key terms of Terms and Conditions of the Subscription Contract in so far as they relate to the use of the Site. 

1.3      These Terms of Use apply to any use of this website or the Irish Legal Guide Library, including parts which can be accessed without a subscription.

1.4      These Terms of Use apply to the use of the site by a Subscriber, a Licensed User, Trial User and to any other person who in fact uses or has access to any part of this website or the Irish Legal Guide Library.



2.1      Access is given to the Library under the terms of the applicable Subscription Contract. This permits the use of the Library by the Subscriber subject to terms and conditions.

2.2      Legal Guide offers a number of types of Subscription, details of which are set out in the Subscription part of the website. 

2.3      A Standard Subscription is available only to individuals, partnerships of three or fewer members and Micro Companies (satisfies at least two of the following; Turnover < €750,000 p/a, balance sheet < €350,000 and  <11 employees) and may be entered automatically through the Stripe payment system.

2.4      Other companies, larger partners and individuals who use the service for them may request a Larger User Licence from Legal Guide whose price will be based on the scale and nature of the organisation concerned.   

2.5      Legal Guide may offer Free Trials from time to time at its discretion. It is intended that each Subscriber and persons connected to him may be given one Free Trial only between them. A Free Trial may be refused or withdrawn at any time by Irish Legal Guide without giving a reason; the refusal or withdrawal does not imply that Irish Legal Guide believes that the subscriber has breached the terms of the Free Trial/  

2.6      The Irish Legal Guide will normally be available 24 hours a day. Legal Guide reserves the right to suspend the Irish Legal Guide temporarily and without notice to you for maintenance or for reasons beyond its control.

2.7      Irish Legal Guide reserves the right to make modifications, alterations or improvements to the Irish Legal Guide. It may add to, remove or change the content provided that substantially the same service is provided. It may display advertising.

2.8      A personal Subscriber who has a Standard Subscription may permit up to two other individuals (in total during the Subscription) with whom he or she has a familial connection or who is a member of his or her organisation and who is not separately in business, to have access to the Irish Legal Guide through the Subscription for bona fide personal purposes or for the purposes of the Subscriber’s business.

2.9      A corporate Subscriber which has a Standard Subscription may permit up to three individuals (in total) who are directors or employees of the Subscriber and who are not separately in business, to have access to the Irish Legal Guide through the Subscription for bona fide purposes of the Subscriber’s business.

2.10     A person, firm or corporate body may be given a Larger User Licence on such terms as may be offered and agreed.  

2.11     The Subscriber confirms that any person who has access to the Irish Legal Guide through his Subscription is authorised by him and accepts these Terms of Use.



3.1      A Subscriber or permitted user may view the Irish Legal Guide on screen through the “Library” tab.

3.2      A Subscriber or permitted user may navigate and carry out searches on the Irish Legal Guide.

3.3      A Subscriber may print reasonable extracts for his personal or business needs, not more than 750 pages in total in a year, subject to clearly acknowledging the source and ownership of the copyright.

3.4     A Subscriber shall not himself and shall not allow any other person to exploit commercially re-use, duplicate or otherwise reproduce the Irish Legal Guide or any part of it.

3.5      A Subscriber or permitted user shall not permit any person who is not authorised, to have access to the Irish Legal Guide by his registered username.

3.6     Except to the extent permitted by law, a Subscriber and permitted user shall not modify, reverse assemble, decompile or reverse engineer the Irish Legal Guide or any part of it or merge it with any other software or database or create any derivative work from it.



4.1      The Subscriber shall take all reasonable steps to prevent unauthorised access to the Irish Legal Guide including by keeping confidential his chosen username and password.

4.2      The  Subscriber is responsible for ensuring that his hardware and software are capable of accessing the Irish Legal Guide and for using appropriate anti-virus software when accessing the Irish Legal Guide. 



5.1      The Irish Legal Guide is provided on an “as is” basis without any liability to any Subscriber or user. All implied terms are excluded and Irish Legal Guide makes no representation about the accuracy or completeness of the content of the Irish Legal Guide.

5.2      The content of the Irish Legal Guide does not constitute legal advice. It is not a regulated legal services provider.

5.3      If a Subscriber or User has a legal question, issue or matter which affects his, her or its interests, he, she or it must take and rely exclusively on legal advice from a qualified regulated professional.

5.4      The Irish Legal Guide is for informational purposes only in order to raise awareness of legal issues and it is a fundamental condition of the use of the Irish Legal Guide, that Legal Guide and  the author of any part are not liable for any loss or damage caused or arising by reason of any error, omission or misstatement in its content or materials.

5.5      Any other liability on the part of Legal Guide is limited to a maximum of the Subscription fee.

5.6      Legal Guide is not responsible for the availability of links to third-party materials or the contents of those materials.



6.1    The Subscriber and user acknowledge that they have no intellectual property or other rights in the content of the Irish Legal Guide or the data made available in it, other than the right of use provided by the Subscription Contract for the Subscription Period.

6.2     The contents and materials in the Irish Legal Guide are protected by copyright vested in Irish Legal Guide or their author.

6.3      Most of the materials in the  Legal Materials part of each chapter are republished under the legislation relating to the re-use of public sector information and any restrictions on the use of those materials apply. 



7.1      The Subscription is for a single fixed period. It cannot be cancelled after the subscription contract is concluded.

7.2     The Irish Legal Guide Service allows immediate access to valuable digital information and the Subscriber is required to waive the statutory right to cancel the contract. 


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