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About Us

Irish Legal Guide provides a practical and comprehensive guide to law, tax, regulation and legislation in the Republic of Ireland. It explains the law in practical and comprehensible terms. It also presents the relevant legislation and cases.

Irish Legal Guide will be of interest to legal practitioners, businesses, and private individuals. It covers the traditional areas of law as practised by legal professionals, together with taxation, governmental regulation, public and social services.

The final content is the equivalent of over 20,000 textbook pages with over 100,000 pages of legislation, case law and other material on Irish law arranged and indexed in a readily understandable thematic format. 

The draft content of sections not yet on this Legal Guide website is available on and principally on Irish Legal Blog ( (over 2,000 articles).

Open the tabs in each subject area to show the chapters which cover that area. Each chapter has fully indexed pages and a library of legal sources relevant to the matters covered.   

Irish Legal Guide is a trading name of Legal Guide Limited, which is a private limited liability company incorporated in Ireland. 

Irish Legal Guide has been written by Paul McMahon, who has been a practising solicitor (Ireland) for almost 30 years. He has also practised as an England and Wales solicitor for many years and is admitted as an Attorney in New York State and Northern Ireland. He is a practising Chartered Tax Adviser and a Qualified Financial Advisor. He also holds qualifications in banking, compliance and finance.

Directors: Paul McMahon and Alison Willoughby

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