Rotterdam Rules II


1. Carrier to deliver Goods

2. Obligations of Shipper

3. Information and Consequences of failure to provide

4. Information from Shipper

5. Special rules on dangerous goods

6. Transport documents and electronic transport records

7. Content of Contract Particulars

8. Content of Contract Particulars II

9. Identity of the carrier

10. Deficiencies in the Contract Particulars

11. Carrier May Qualify Information in Some Cases

12. Evidentiary effect of the contract particulars

13. Delivery of the goods

14. Delivery; Non-Negotiable Document 

15. Delivery; Non-negotiable Document that requires Surrender

16. Delivery when Negotiable Document is issued I

17. Delivery when Negotiable Document is issued II

18. Rights of the Controlling Party

19. Controlling Party

20. Carrier’s Eecution of Instructions

21. Providing Additional Information, Instructions or Documents to Carrier

22. Transfer of rights

23. Liability of holder

24. Limits of liability

25. Limits of liability for loss caused by delay

26. Time for suit

27. Actions against the carrier

28. Choice of court agreements

29. Actions against the maritime performing party

30. Recognition and enforcement

31. Arbitration Agreements I

32. Arbitration Agreements II

33. Optional Provisions

34. Volume Contracts 

35. Special rules for live animals and certain other goods

36. Matters not governed by the Convention

37. References and Sources

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